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Elul 7, 5996 YB / Elul 7, 5783 AM / August 23, 2023 AD

My Messages to the World

Do not pursue money nor save money, because in the next 3 years all fiat currencies in the world are going to enter a state of hyperinflation. The value of money will evaporate like vapor, and those who held on to their money will lose it all. Even those who relied on pension programs and in the stock market will lose it all. There will be bank runs and all banks in the world will collapse and people will not be able to access their money in the banks. And paper money will be thrown on the streets like garbage, because it will become worthless. This is what eventually happens when money has been debased to the point of being merely paper and numbers, utter collapse and ruin. The world has forgotten that true money is gold and silver, whose value is based on weight. So, instead use the money that you have now to convert it into something real, like food and necessities and property and gold and silver. Although it is inconvenient to have to get rid of your money, it is better to inconvenience yourself now by converting your money into these real things, rather than to be inconvenienced later on when it all collapses and be left with nothing and impoverished and in hunger. One way or another we are all going to be inconvenienced, so it is better to inconvenience yourself now. This is an intelligent decision. Food will become scarce, which is why I recommend having food stocked up first before anything else. Have extra food to share with others. Then purchase necessities, like medicines and items for hygiene. Then purchase property. Then finally, if you are able to, gold and silver. And if you can, solar panels and an electric vehicle. Have no mortgage nor auto loan, so the banks cannot take your house and your vehicle away from you. Do not hold on to your money, but rather, get rid of it all, and be self sustaining outside of the global financial system. The money of today is offensive to God, because paper money and fiat currency are false weights. Anyone who has accepted this form of money is under a curse written in the book of Revelation, because it is the mark of the beast of the book of Revelation, and until you get rid of it all, you cannot be right with God. All who did not renounce paper money and fiat currency and get rid of it once and for all will be thrown on the lake of lava at the return of Yeshua in 3 years from now. Not having money is a test of belief and obedience in our time.

About the author

Christian Gaviria Alvarez

A teacher of righteousness based on the Torah of God, through belief in Yeshua HaMashiach. Raised as a Gentile through the dispersion of the twelve tribes of Israel among the nations, but a descendant of Abraham from Jewish Sephardic ancestors from the tribe of Judah. Born in Florida, United States of America. Currently living in Medellin, Colombia. By profession a software developer. Expecting the second coming of Yeshua in 2026 AD, which will be precisely the year 6,000 from creation and also precisely 2,000 years since the anointing of Yeshua in 26 AD. 2026 AD will be 6000 YB, and the 120th Yovel year. Establishing an assembly in Medellin in preparation for the second coming of Yeshua. Teaching obedience to the Torah of Moses and belief in Yeshua, bearing good fruit by giving to the poor and doing good works and sharing with fellow believers, demonstrating humility by absolute dry fasting and not pursuing wealth and being content with what you currently have, removing the mark of the beast of Revelation by getting rid of all paper money and fiat currency, and obtaining perfection by receiving the airflow of God through the new covenant of Yeshua.

4 questions

  • Are you 100% sure the mark of the beast is money? No doubt money is associated with the mark. I have read through your work and agree 2026 is likely, but the mark of the beast seems to not be money itself. It was clearly the Covid-19 Vaccine. As Babylon (Paper money and fiat currencies) traps people like birds in a cage to receive the Covid-19 Vaccine. For instance, those who took a loan out from the bank to buy a house, were forced (trapped like a bird – Rev 18:2) to receive a 9 month no ‘long-term testing’ innoculation to continue receiving through work theit Babylonian money to pay off their debts. Thus, which is why in Rev 18 it gives insight to not be partakers of her sins (continuing pursuing the system e.g Vaccine). I don’t know how you haven’t mentioned it. Or have you been blinded? It seems transparent Money itself is NOT a causation but a MAJOR correlation to the mark, as it causes those in the economy (monetary system) no option to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. Count letters of ‘corona’ (A=1, B=2) It equates to 66, + 6 in total letter of word. Rephrased is 666 – Virus. In Revelation 18:23 the word ‘sorceries’ in the original text Greek is ‘Pharmakeia’ where we get our word for Pharmacy. In essence, it is by thy pharmacy were all nations deceived. Over what? A flu? The whole plot was a fabricated lie. Which is what a vaccine essentially is; a pharmaceutical device. A time, times and half a time = 3.5 years the saints will be divided as in Daniel and Revelation. How long did Corona (666) virus span for? 3.5 years. Thus, in this time the mark was distributed to the small, great, rich and poor. It was deemed a public saftey danger, which it didn’t matter of any social hierarchy. As Right Hand = Authority. And the word ‘Mark’ in the Greek text is XARAGMA meaning a form of identification. Put two together, identification (Mark) which gives authority (Right Hand). Which is why those who received the COVID-19 certificate were granted authority and those who never were not. I believe your theory is flawed, but it is a wise decision to go off-grid completely. As Babylon will fall. But why? Because she made all nations drink from her. A pandemic crashes babylon but as a result the innoculation condemns all the people in the nations who received it. To top it off, all those people dying with sudden death from the vax. I can go on but I’ll leave it there.

    • Yes, it is money. Because paper money and fiat currency are forbidden by the Torah of God, because these are false weights.

      • From your eschatological perspective, what was the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccine? – It definitely wasn’t a plague, rather a methodical ploy from Vatican City’s intramural stratagem.

        • Many pandemics have happened over thousands of years, and also many vaccines have been given to humanity throughout the decades. These are just birth pangs, leading up to the very end, which we are approaching now.

Wisdom of God Equipping the people of God with understanding


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