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The Set-Apart House

Welcome to my home in Medellín, Colombia. Which I have set apart for the work I am doing for God. To teach the Torah of Moses and the gospel of Yeshua to the community, and to feed the homeless in the neigborhood. The house has several bedrooms to lodge fellow believers that need a place to stay. It also has a studio to teach, a small library, solar panels so that the house can be energy independent, long term storage of food and water, and a strawberry garden that I constructed on the roof. This house has been equipped in preparation for the great tribulation that will befall the earth in these final years as we arrive to the year of the return of Yeshua in the year 6000 YB in 2026 AD. This little humble house is a lampstand to the entire city, and also to the world.

Wisdom of God Equipping the people of God with understanding


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