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Preparation and Survival Guide For the Great Tribulation and Second Coming of Yeshua

The greatest thing you can do in order to prepare for and survive the great tribulation and second coming of Yeshua is simply to believe and obey. So I will begin this guide with tips relating to your belief and obedience, and then I will give tips relating to practical ways you can prepare with goods and food and water and housing. If you believe and obey, no matter if you are rich or poor, able to stock up on food or not, you will indeed survive the great tribulation and second coming of Yeshua, because God will provide an escape for you, just as he provided an escape for Noah, because he was righteous in his generation. God will even provide food you, just as he did with Hagar, and Jacob and his family in the 7 years of famine in Egypt, and the sons of Israel in the desert for 40 years. God does not promise us safety, because we will indeed be persecuted for walking in righteousness, as it has been from the very beginning with Abel, but he does indeed promise us food, at the very least, “whoever comes to me shall never hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst”. No true believer walking in obedience will ever die of hunger. If he dies of hunger he wasn’t in total obedience, so you must come into total obedience, not just partial obedience, to come under the favor of God and have your needs provided for, and ultimately, to be delivered. And with total obedience and belief in Yeshua, you will then receive the anointing, which will be the guarantee of your deliverance from what is soon to take place. Anyone who has the anointing will not be injured by the 7 trumpets and 7 bowls of wrath of Revelation, which is why it is written, “they were told to harm only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads”. Just as God made a distinction between the Egyptians and the sons of Israel when he struck Egypt with plagues, so it will be at the second coming of Yeshua, hence, “a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you, you will only look with your eyes and see the recompense of the wicked”. The seal of God is the anointing, hence why it is written, “you have been sealed with the promised set-apart airflow”. So your number one goal must be to receive the anointing, so that you can be safe from the wrath that is about to be poured on the earth. Not everyone has the anointing and the anointing is not automatically given after you believe. Don’t believe what most people tell you about the anointing nor deceive yourself into believing you have the anointing when you actually don’t. This will make you fall under, “many will come in my name and say, I am anointed, and will deceive many”. Don’t be one of them. There is always a manifestation of power when someone has the anointing, with signs and miracles. It is obvious when someone has the anointing, for someone with the anointing is truly set apart from everyone else. So learn about the anointing in the related bible studies in this page, so you can truly receive the anointing. I summarize the 7 major steps you need to take to receive the anointing below this paragraph. Don’t just skim through these words, because your life depends on this valuable information that very few people are going to give you, if ever.

Note: I recommend reading this bible study first before continuing, so you can understand what is about to happen and when. The events leading up to and relating to the second coming of Yeshua will be the worst events that have ever happened in the history of humanity. So it is important that you understand what is going to happen in accordance to scripture so that you can properly prepare. This is not myth, this is reality. Scripture is true, and Yeshua is indeed the Mashiach, and he is without a shadow of doubt returning, not to throw the world flowers of joy, but to bring wrath to the world. Any intelligent person will take these warnings seriously and prepare. Only an idiot ignores these warnings and continues in his day to day ordinary routine.

Note: I highly recommend reading this bible study, which explains what the set-apart airflow is, which is the “anointing”, and why the words “spirit” and “spiritual” are mistranslations of the original words “ruach” in Hebrew and “pneuma” in Greek.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which explains why the false teaching of the trinity prevents many from understanding what the set-apart airflow is.

Steps To Receive the Anointing

Step 1. Believe in Yeshua. If you don’t believe in Yeshua nothing else matters.

Step 2. Cease committing any and all sins as defined by the Torah of Moses, so read the Torah of Moses to gain knowledge of the commands of God. Obey the Torah of Moses, through belief in Yeshua. Under the new covenant of Yeshua the Torah has changed, so learn what has changed. And commands in the Torah of Moses relating to circumcision, feasts, appointed times, new moons, shabbaths, food, drink, sacrifices and offerings are no longer required to be kept under the new covenant. Understand this and don’t be like the many believers who discard the entire Torah simply because certain matters of Torah have changed or are not required under the new covenant. They don’t understand and don’t want to understand, because ultimately they hate the Torah and don’t want to obey it. They do so to their own destruction, because this is the precise definition of torahlessness, and what the entire world has been deceived to believe, that the Torah has been done away with. If there is something you do not understand about the Torah, then ask or do your own research, don’t just set it aside as not important. The commands of God are in the Torah of Moses, which are extremely important. Obedience to the commands of God is life, and disobedience to them is death. God is the owner of everything in creation, including our own bodies. Our bodies are not our own, they belong to God. So honor God with your body, with obedience. If you love your own life you will obey. The Torah is our manual that teaches us what to do and what not to do. It is the foundation of everything Yeshua and the apostles taught. So you must know and understand what is required of you from our God, in accordance to the Torah. Our time in these bodies is short and limited, so be urgent in the pursuit of your knowledge and understanding of God and his Torah, as if you only have today to live. Once you start learning the commands, then put them into action. Knowledge without obedience is useless. And don’t leave what you need to start doing today for tomorrow because tomorrow may not come for you. If you are stealing, then stop stealing. Do not covet what belongs to others. Stealing begins in the heart. Do not envy others, but rather set your mind on your higher reward in the Mashiach that will outdo anything your unbelieving neighbor has. Do not covet evil, which is why adultery begins in the heart. Circumcise your heart by removing evil thoughts. Stop complaining and be content with what you have. The Torah reveals complaining to be sin, which is why God tested Job, to see if he would complain, and complaining was the reason why many of the sons of Israel died in the desert according to the Torah. Understand that anything that happens in creation is appointed and predestined by God, whether good or evil, so you are only complaining against God if he appoints evil to happen in your life to test you. An ant has great reason to fear an anteater, and a mouse has great reason to fear a lion, so learn to fear God, because you are tiny powerless dot in the universe, and God is powerful and made the entire universe including you. Perhaps if God sees your fear he will pity you rather than destroy you in the day of his wrath. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Bless, and do not curse. Be thankful to God always in prayer. Give thanks to God in prayer for every meal you eat. Never be entitled and think you deserve something you want. Those who say “I deserve to be happy” are dumb and understanding nothing. We have all sinned, so all we truly deserve is death according to the Torah. Therefore understand that the only reason you are drawing breath this very moment is because God is merciful, not because you deserve anything good that God has freely given you out of his kindness. So be humble, not proud. Seek the mercy and forgiveness of God. Pray to God with tears, not with arrogance demanding anything from him, perhaps your tears will move God with compassion to grant you what you are seeking, but your arrogance certainly will not, “for God gives favor to humble, but resists the proud”. Do not seek plastic surgery, these are temporal bodies, like plastic silverware which are meant to be used once and then thrown out. And also do not waste countless hours at the gym to try to look more beautiful, you are only trying to make plastic silverware look prettier for a quick momentary use. Beauty is good, but seek beauty with obedience in a new body that will never grow old nor die, rather than seek beauty with disobedience in this body that grows old and dies quickly. If you boast, then boast only in your knowledge and understanding of God, which is the only thing God wants us to boast about, his truth and his word. Do not boast about anything else. Associate with the humble, not with the proud. Don’t ever think you know everything, because you never will. Do not be wise in your own eye. Think yourself dumb rather than think yourself intelligent, and perhaps you might actually become intelligent. Let others call you intelligent, do not call yourself intelligent. Anything you know is because God permitted you to know and understand, so thank God for what you know and do not thank yourself. Focus on learning what you need to know, not on learning everything about everything, there just isn’t enough time. Why learn Chinese if you don’t even know the Torah that you need to know? Why learn real estate if everything is about to be destroyed in a few years? Wake up. Understand. Manage your little time intelligently and be focused and logical. Do not be lazy and do not sleep all day. Find something to do. Be productive. Learn something new every day. Read, at the very least. And also rest, for there is a time for everything under the sun. Listen, and do not be quick to talk. Do not waste your time scattering pearls to pigs, so if you perceive someone is completely incapable of understanding the truth, then move on. Share the truth, but do not impose on anyone, because the only thing you will gain is ferocious dogs that will try to bite you. At the end of it all each will have to stand before God for their own actions. If you are a kidnapper, then stop kidnapping. If you are a murderer, then stop murdering. If are an abortionist, then stop being an abortionist. Abortion is the murder of innocent unborn babies. They are deprived of life even before they take their first breath. It is a heinous crime against the Torah. So do not do it, nor promote it nor even tolerate it if you hear someone promoting it. Be angry when you hear about it, and rebuke whoever promulgates it. Anyone who approves of sin is as guilty as the one who commits it. We are commanded to rebuke those who sin. If you are a polygamist, then dismiss your wives and remain with your first wife. If you remarried after a divorce and your first wife is still alive, then dismiss your second wife, and either remain single or be reconciled with your first wife. If you are having sex while unmarried, either stop having sex or marry the woman. If you are a prostitute, then stop being a prostitute. If you hire prostitutes, then stop hiring prostitutes. If you are a drug dealer, then stop being a drug dealer. Do not think to use any of that money earned by evil to do good, because it will automatically be rejected by God. The wages of a prostitute and the price of a dog are forbidden to come into the temple of God. If you are using contraceptives, then stop using contraceptives. If you don’t want children, then don’t marry. If you marry, then expect children. Don’t mindlessly marry just to have sex. Marriage has great implications and responsibilities. Choose wisely. If you are married and don’t want children, then stop having sex. You cannot have sex and prevent conception, in any context, whether married or unmarried. It is better to have a sexless marriage in obedience than to have a sexful marriage in disobedience, although a sexless marriage is not good. If the couple didn’t want children then they should not have gotten married in the first place. If you are committing adultery, then stop committing adultery. If you are committing masturbation, then stop committing masturbation. If you are lying, then stop lying. If you are committing homosexuality, then stop committing homosexuality. If you are having anal sex and oral sex, then stop having anal sex and oral sex, whether in the context of homosexuality or heterosexualty. Stop putting penisis, fingers, and tongues inside the anus, for the anus is made to defecate, not for pleasure, it is unclean. If you are committing bestiality or necrophilia, then stop committing bestiality or necrophilia. If you are transgender, then revert back to your original gender you were born as. If you are a crossdresser, then stop being a crossdresser. Whatever is made for a man is what a man should wear, and whatever is made for a woman is what a woman should wear. The body of a woman is different than the body of man, so whatever is made for a woman will usually appear feminine in form and whatever is made for a man will usually appear masculine in form. And styles of clothing change over time and are also different in every nation, so whatever pertains to a man or a woman in each generation and in each nation is what a man or woman should wear. It is obvious when someone is deliberately trying to dress like the other gender within each generation and each nation, which is what the Torah forbids, trying to dress like the other gender. These are called crossdressers and transvestites and drag queens, and even the transgender, which is an extreme form of dressing as the other gender, because they also modify their own bodies to try to become the other gender. It is extreme depravity. The gender of clothing is also a matter of perception, not just the form and color of the clothes for the gender it was intended for. So carefully judge what you choose to wear. Are you in a nation where women wear jeans? Then wear jeans as a woman. Are you in a nation where women only wear skirts? Then wear a skirt as a woman. Are you among believers where the women only wear skirts? Then wear a skirt. Do not become a stumbling block to others and do not be perceived as evil even though in your own conscience you know jeans can be as feminine as skirts. And let whatever clothes you choose to wear be loosely fitted and not revealing nor sexualized. Let it cover from neck down, from knee up, and from mid upper arm up. Be modest. Look set-apart. Do not have an evil appearance. Do not put tattoos on your body. If you have tattoos, then stop tattooing your body, and leave the ones you already have if you cannot remove them, because soon we will discard these bodies like old clothes and put on new bodies like new clothes. If you are a drunkard, then stop being a drunkard. If you consume drugs, then stop consuming drugs. If you are mistreating animals, then stop mistreating animals. Yes, the Torah also forbids mistreating animals. A righteous man regards the life of his animal. Do not castrate your animals. Do not castrate yourself. If you already castrated your animal or even yourself, then let it be so, you will be forgiven as long you confess you sinned and stop castrating any living body. If you are committing incest, then stop committing incest. If you are having sex with your wife while she is menstruating, then stop having sex with her while she is menstruating, for 7 days from her last bleed. Limit yourself to having sex with your wife to at most once a day, for any man that ejaculates must remain unclean until evening, then you may have sex again with your wife after sunset, which is when a new day begins according to the Torah. Do not have sex with your wife for 40 days after she gives birth to a male, or 80 days after she gives birth to a female, in accordance to the Torah. Give her body time to recuperate. Sex is good and God wants us to enjoy it, but learn the parameters of sex according to the Torah, and don’t just have sex whenever you feel like it and with whoever you feel like it, because God will judge the sexually immoral. Indeed it is better to cut off your own genitalia if you cannot control your sexual desires than to have your entire body thrown into the lake of lava. If you are gossiping, then stop gossiping. If you are slandering, then stop slandering. Learn to control your tongue. Let what you say build up, not dear town. Learn to have self control over your own body. If you are a man, then grow your beard. Do not shave your beard nor shave your head nor shave the sides of your head, nor destroy the edges of your beard nor destroy the edges of the hair on your head. Do not pluck your eyebrows, nor shave any other part of your body. You may, however, trim the length of your beard and trim the length of the hair on your head so it does not look unkempt. If you are a wife, then cover your head, and submit to your husband. The head covering is the sign the wife is under the authority of a husband. And a nagging or argumentative wife is also not a submissive wife. Learn to be a submissive wife. Place mezuzot on your doorposts. This visually sets apart a house to onlookers outside that a true believer that obeys the Torah lives in that house. Wear tallit and tzitzit, both men and women. This visually sets apart a person to onlookers that he or she is a true believer that obeys the Torah. Wear tefillin when you pray, both men and women. This visually sets you apart to God that you are in obedience to the Torah. Do not wear clothing of linen and wool combined together. Let one field be one type of seed, and another field be another type of seed. Do not breed different types of animals. Do not genetically modify anything living. You are not God to know all the different complexities of any organism, so respect the natural order of what God has created and appointed to be. If you are eating meat with its blood still in it, then stop eating meat with its blood still in it. Drain all the blood and cut out any blood clots in any meat you prepare and cook. If you buy kosher meat don’t assume it has no blood. Look and see if it has blood, and remove the blood if it does. If you are invited to the house of unbelievers to share with them the gospel and food is to before you, then eat and don’t ask questions of conscience. Don’t ask if the meat has blood or if the meat was sacrificed to idols, because once you receive knowledge that either of these are true, then you cannot eat, but if you eat in ignorance that either of these is true, then you are not sinning because your conscience is clean. And that is why the Torah has sacrifices for sins committed in ignorance, and the blood of Yeshua surely atones for our sins committed in ignorance. So walk in obedience with zeal, but do not obsess over what is better left unknown. The same goes with clothing sold to you labeled as 100% one type of thread. Do not obsess over verifying the threads, which again, is also a matter of conscience. Remember to be cunning as serpents, but as gentle as doves. Blood transfusions are indeed also sin. According to the Torah the soul is the blood. So respect the blood of every living soul and do not eat it nor inject it into your own body. If you want healing for your body, then seek God in obedience with prayer and fasting, and he will heal your body. The healing of God is superior to the medicine of man. He will even cure your incurable diseases, cancer and HIV. He will even regrow your hand if it is missing. The reason people are not healed of their diseases when they pray to God is because they do not obey the Torah. The Torah promises, “if you keep and do my judgements I will take away your diseases from you”. So obey the Torah dear believer, and will indeed receive healing from God. Obedience is health to your body and nourishment to your bones. If you are mistreating your father and mother, then stop mistreating them. Honor and obey your parents. Honor also means to help them. If you are mistreating the elderly, then stop mistreating them. Speak to the elderly with respect. Help an old woman cross the street. Help an old man carry his groceries. Be zealous to help wherever you can help. If you find a lost wallet, then take it and try to find it’s owner and return it to him. If there is a puddle of water in your house then dry it so someone else doesn’t slip. If you build a terrace on your roof then build a rail around it. Always think about the safety of others. If you have a grudge against someone, then reconcile. If someone sinned against you, then forgive. If someone is indebted to you, then forgive their debt. Give freely and expect nothing in return. Do not owe anyone anything. Be angry at those who lend at interest and oppress the poor. Do not seek vengeance, rather let God avenge you. Return good for evil. Give to the one that hates you, perhaps you will win him, and if not, you are simply heaping coals of wrath upon his own head. If you are struck in one cheek, then turn the other cheek. Be glad when you suffer for the sake of righteousness, because it means more reward for you. We all must suffer for the sake of righteousness. If you have astrological books or tarot cards or books on witchcraft or pornographic magazines, then burn them. If you consult with psychics, then stop consulting with psychics. If you pray to angels and saints and virgins, then stop praying to angels and saints and virgins. These are all different forms of idolatry. Pray to God only, in the name of Yeshua. Yeshua specifically and only in that name, not “Jesus”, which is a mistranslation. Stop believing in the trinity, it is a dumb lie that the unlearned readily believe. If you are a catholic believer, then stop being a catholic believer, because the Roman popes are the true antichrist. If you have sex toys, then destroy them. If you stored pornography on your laptop, then delete the pornography or wipe your hard drive clean and start new. Do the same with your cell phone. Clean your cell phone. Remove all apps for evil. Remove all photos and videos of evil. Use your equipment for good, not for evil. Wipe clean your email also. If you cannot, then create a new email. Wipe clean your address book and remove unbelieving contacts. If you have drugs and marijuana, then flush them down the toilet or throw them in the trash. If you have statues of Buddha and Mary, put a hammer to them and destroy them. If you have friends that are unbelievers, then end your friendships with them. Walk away from unbelieving family members also. Delete your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They all suppress the truth and block my websites and promote evil. You may use other websites to promote good, such as YouTube and Reddit. Use the internet and websites for good, not for evil. Do not play video games that simulate sin, but rather, if you play a game, play chess or risk or card games. Do not gamble and do not participate in lotteries, which are different forms of usury. Do not play sports that injure the body, like boxing, but rather, go biking or swimming or running. Stop celebrating Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving or any holiday with spurious origins that are falsely associated with the scriptures. If, however, you are invited to any event related to these, then go, even to a Halloween event, not to celebrate, but to be a witness of the truth there. If it is a Halloween event then do not wear a costume, remember, you are not there to celebrate, but to speak the truth. Do not bring wine nor food nor gifts to any of these events as if to participate in the celebration. You are there to speak the truth. If these holidays are truly meaningless to you then your conscience is clean, as if you were invited by unbelievers on any other ordinary day of the year to tell them the truth. The true holidays of God are in the Torah, which are Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, First Fruits of Barley, Pentecost, Appointed Time of Trumpet Blasts, Day of Atonement, and the Feast of Tabernacles. Learn about them. These are the true holidays of God that must mean something great to you. Loosely acknowledge the Gregorian new year and your date of birth in the Gregorian calendar. Do not ask for gifts because of these occasions, but if they give you a gift, then let it be so, as if it were a gift given to you in any other ordinary day of the year. If they offer to take you to dinner for these two events, then let it be so, as if it were any other ordinary day of the year. Learn the Jewish calendar. Stop calling Sunday the Shabbath. The Shabbath is on Saturday, from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. If you choose to honor the Shabbath by resting on it then honor the true Shabbath. Under the new covenant you may keep the Shabbath, or not. Stop watching movies, they are all evil. Most everything on television is evil, so it is better to not watch television, but if you do watch television, then choose carefully what you watch. Reality TV shows are all evil, so do not watch them, but perhaps a documentary on the history channel might be informative. Change the channel or turn off the television if you hear something false. And do the same if you hear gossip and slander on the news. Indeed it is better to keep yourself informed using your laptop and the internet, because you cannot control what is said and displayed on whatever television program you choose to watch, whereas you can indeed filter better what you watch and read and listen to on the internet using your laptop. Stop listening to music that promotes evil, but rather listen to instrumental music, like jazz or classical or even house music, which have no lyrics that would otherwise corrupt the song and make it unclean. Do not listen to mainstream “christian” music, they all promote false teachings in subtle ways which makes those songs unclean. If you listen to music that praises God, then let it be music whose lyrics are psalms, which is inspired by God, or music whose lyrics are written by true believers. The lyrics must be completely in line with the truth and the scriptures for them to be clean. Stop going to churches. The true church of Yeshua are assemblies in houses. Assemble with your brothers and sisters in Yeshua in your own houses. If the assembly in your house becomes too big, then divide into a second assembly in a second house and appoint new leaders for it. Appoint knowledgeable elders as leaders, not young men with no knowledge. Test everyone to see if they know the scriptures and the truth, don’t just assume they do. Ask them questions to test them. Also observe their actions. A tree is known by its fruit. Be perfect in everything that you do. Be blameless. You must stop sinning once and for all and remove anything that is sin from your household. Be zealous in obedience and righteousness and set-apartness. Obedience to the commands of God is what sets us apart from everyone else. Go around your entire household and remove anything that might offend God. And in likewise manner the sons of Israel did by removing yeast from their entire households to be able to participate in the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread. Clean anything unclean in your house, if it is able to be cleaned, such as the example of wiping clean your laptop, or destroy it if it cannot be cleaned, such as the example of burning books on witchcraft. This is why according to the Torah articles of clothing and wood that are made unclean can be washed to make them clean, but articles of clay that are made unclean must be smashed, because clay retains contamination even after it is washed. Learn to discern good and evil. “Good” is what brings order and harmony in creation and society, and “evil” is what brings disorder and disharmony in creation and society. If an engine is “good”, it is working well. If an engine is “bad”, it is broken and not functioning as expected. That is why murder, stealing, adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality are evil, because they go against the harmony and order of creation. Keep your conscience clean, and also remove any unclean thought. Do not listen to other people that tell you that you cannot stop sinning or that you do not have to do any of this. They are ignorant and on a path of destruction and they will only drag you with them to be destroyed with them. Do not believe something to be true simply because the majority believes it to be true, more often than not what is true is rejected by the majority. The majority of the world is on a path to destruction. Do not be one of them. Believe something to be true if it lines up with the one and only thing that is ever true, the scriptures. The scriptures are our light in this dark world, and the Torah is the Law of God. Listen to my words dear believer. Listen.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which explains why the Torah has not been abolished and why it must still be obeyed and what matters of the Torah are no longer required to be kept under the new covenant.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which explains why our walk must be perfect with God and how the anointing frees a man from sin.

Step 3. Lower yourself to what you need, which also means “humble yourself”, by selling your possessions and properties. Some will reduce themselves more than others. The first disciples of Yeshua reduced themselves to nothing but the clothes on their back, whereas the believers in the book of Acts reduced themselves merely to the houses they lived in and the possessions they needed. Having less is following the example of Yeshua, who had little. This is contrary to what the megachurch pastors do who enrich themselves, to their own demise. You are at liberty to reduce yourself in whatever measure God has put it in your heart to reduce yourself to. Perhaps the house you chose to keep may provide lodging for other believers who chose to reduce themselves to nothing or who had nothing to begin with. If every single believer reduced themselves to nothing, then we would all be out living on the streets homeless, which is not good, so everyone will reduce themselves differently according to the will of God for the common good of all believers. The rich should provide for the needs of the poor in the assembly of God, which is why it is written, “instruct the rich to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share”. And if God specifically tells you to reduce yourself to a certain measure, then you must obey. The more you lower yourself the greater you will become in the kingdom of God, hence “the least among you will be the greatest”. As such, generally, I recommend the following, if you have 3 houses, then reduce yourself to 1 house, which would be the house you will live in. If you have 2 cars, then reduce yourself to 1 car. If you have expensive art all over your house, then sell it. If you have expensive gym equipment, then sell it. If you have something very expensive and can replace it with something less expensive, then do it. Reducing yourself to what you need accomplishes several other things. First, with the sale of all these things then you will be able to amply stock up on food and water for many years. Food and water are the two most important things you must have stored up, because these are the two things you need to live. I discuss this in more detail later on. Secondly, you will have something to give to those who are poor, and will also have food and water to share with others believers exiting the financial system, which is one reason the believers in the book of Acts sold their properties and possessions, so that they could give, aside from lowering themselves. Thirdly, you will be able to buy some other things that will be beneficial to have in these next few years, like cutting tools, fishing gear, bird traps, solar panels, gold, silver, and various other things I recommend. I also discuss this in more detail later on. Having only what you need is wise, because the more you have the more it will also cost you to sustain all of it. Sustaining the property tax of several houses will be very difficult once you exit the financial system. Or even sustaining the property tax of the 1 expensive house you live in, so consider replacing it for a less expensive house. Also consider living somewhere less expensive, not in San Francisco, or Honolulu, or Paris, or other similar costly cities. Perhaps live in another nation that is less expensive, like Colombia. So reduce yourself. Be humble. Plan carefully, like a wise man that calculates before he builds. And remember, everything is about to be destroyed in a few years, so have only what you need. We are travelers in the land we are about to inherit, which is the entire earth, so travel light. A traveler doesn’t go on a 1 week trip with a U-Haul truck full of furniture, he goes with some luggage with clothes and things he needs.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which goes into greater detail why we must lower ourselves by selling properties and possessions.

Step 4. Exit the financial system by getting rid of all paper money and fiat currency. You will also need to resign from your job, unless you can persuade them to pay you in gold or silver or food, which is very unlikely. You will also need to stop receiving anything else that pays you in paper money and fiat currency, such as a pension. There are two ways of getting rid of paper money and fiat currency, either burning it all, or exchanging it for things you need. You can do one or the other, or a combination of both. I recommend exchanging it for things you need, but do whatever God has put in your heart to do. Someone who burns all of his money has greater belief and is worthy of greater honor than he who exchanges all his money for food and water. Later on I will discuss what things you can buy to get rid of your paper money and fiat currency. After you have purchased everything you need, then empty your bank accounts, and burn and destroy every last remnant of paper money and fiat currency. Also destroy all your debit cards and credit cards and checkbooks. Walk away from your debts of fiat currency and do not worry about paying them back if you cannot pay them back, but if you can pay them back, then do so, not because you are obligated to before God, but to avoid offense and legal problems. Your debts are forgiven before God, for the Shabbath year just passed in the autumn of 2019 when debts must be cancelled. And owing fiat currency is not a true debt, for it is false money, and rather, it is the banks that owe you the gold they stole from you and the inhabitants of the world. Once you take this definitive step of getting rid of all forbidden money, you can never again receive paper money and fiat currency, not even 1 penny, otherwise you are jumping back in into the financial system. And it will make everything you did previously to exit the financial system pointless. Until you reduce yourself to absolutely zero paper money and fiat currency once and for all, you still have the mark of the beast. Even if you manage to survive the events leading up to the second coming of Yeshua, you will only end up destroyed at the appearance of Yeshua, because he will destroy every person having the mark of the beast. So the sooner you exit the financial system the better. Do not wait until the last minute to do this, because you might not live long enough to get there, and then will end up destroyed at the last resurrection. Listen to my advice dear believer, it is for the good of your own soul.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which explains in greater detail why paper money and fiat currency is the mark of the beast.

Step 5. Begin doing good works by giving to the poor. This is extremely important, so position yourself to be able to give and share with others, mainly the homeless and other believers that are poor. If you exited the financial system by exchanging your money for food, then set aside food to give, or buy more food to be able to give. If you bought 4 years worth of food for yourself if 4 years were remaining for you until 2026 AD, then if you are able to buy 8 years worth of food, then do so, so that you are able to give daily from your large stockpile of food. We are all required to do good works, for “every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down”. So do good works. If you currently live in the mountains alone and there is no one to help around you, then you have set yourself up for failure. Urgently move somewhere else where you can help others. Look for the homeless. Find ways to produce “works worthy of repentance”. Understand the will of God and what he wants us to do, to stop doing evil and begin doing good. And exiting the financial system also gives us a greater opportunity to do good, because now we no longer need to divide our time to make money, as believers previously had to do, but now our sole focus can be serving others without any distraction. It is written, “no one may come before me empty handed”. The true sacrifices of God under the new covenant are good works. Good works cost us something. It is easier to say, “peace and safety” to others than to share the bread on our table. God requires daily sacrifices to be burned before him, so that the fire on the altar never goes out, so do good works on a daily basis, not sporadically nor just once a year. This is why a servant cannot serve two masters, because a servant who is serving money cannot fulfill the service of good works our Master Yeshua wants from us daily. Serving our neighbor is how we serve God, hence “whatever you did to these you did to me”. Our lamps must continually burn like the wise virgins. Our light is our good works. Our good works are also the salt of this earth, for good works give us flavor. All the sacrifices of God require salt according to the Torah. Do not say, “if I stop doing evil then I am doing good”. Evil and good are two distinct things. If you stop committing adultery then you have stopped doing evil, and if you begin giving sandwiches to the hungry then you have begun doing good. Do not say, “the homeless are all drug addicts, so why give to them?” Were you yourself not a sinner when God gave to you bountifully? So give to the undeserving freely just as God gave you freely when you also did not deserve it. And this will please God and bring mercy and favor upon you, which is why it is written, “break away now from your sins by doing righteousness and from your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor, in case there may be a prolonging of your prosperity”. Do not say, “I am poor and have nothing to give”. Do you not live in a house and eat daily with a refrigerator full of food? Yes, you do have something to give. If you cook soup, then make enough to share with someone hungry outside. Everyone is able to give, even the homeless. That is why the Torah gives the poor the option to give less expensive sacrifices, for not everyone could buy bulls to sacrifice, but everyone is indeed able to give something. Only selfish people who do not want to give find excuses to not give. And the sacrifices of the poor are more valuable than the sacrifices of the rich, for it costs someone poor more to give than someone rich in proportion to what they have, hence, “truly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box, for they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on”. Give food, not money, for paper money and fiat currency is evil and you must possess none of it. And be intelligent when you give. Give food on the condition that they eat it right away, so that they are not tempted to sell it for drugs. Peanut butter jelly sandwiches are good to give, because its ingredients have a long shelf life and they can easily be wrapped around with plastic wrap and do not require silverware to eat and are highly nutritious and give high energy. But give whatever God puts in your heart to give. Give to share what you feasibly can share, with at least one person, and do not concern yourself with feeding everyone in hunger, because sadly one person cannot feed every hungry person in the world. If indeed everyone in the world gave then there would be no one hungry in the world, so do your part in sharing with at least one person in need, and you will fulfill what God wants from you, which is simply to give and share. God will condemn the rest of the world for not sharing and giving, just as he did with Sodom, just as it is written, “behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom, she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy”. And don’t just give without love. Sit down and talk to them. Spend time with them. Ask them to tell you their story. Weep with them. Hug them. Show them love no one else is showing them. Share with them the truth. And they will love you because these are people living in affliction. Do not find excuses to not do good works because the only one you are hurting is yourself, for not bearing the good fruit we are all required to produce in obedience. For in truth we give to the homeless not for their sakes, but for our sakes, for God has put it in their hearts to be what they are so that there may be reason for us to do good by giving to them. It is for our own benefit we give, because sadly most often than not the homeless will continue being homeless because most do not want to give up their evil addictions, yet in the day of the Master Yeshua we can happily say, “we shared our food with the poor”. If everyone had abundance of food and possessions then there would be no reason to give. The more good works you do the greater your reward will be, so if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly, but if you sow much you will reap much. Some will produce more good fruit then others. If you choose to become a teacher and teach others to do good then their good works are also credited to you, so there is opportunity for greater reward in teaching, but not many of us should become teachers, because teachers will be judged more strictly. Open the doors of your house to strangers. Feed them. Let them shower and refresh themselves. Be hospitable. And more importantly, offer to help those in the household of God. Give food to other believers walking in righteousness. If they are poor and cannot easily exit the financial system, then let them live with you. Share your food with them. Exiting the financial system is also an opportunity for us to share with each other as we all await the second coming of Yeshua. Let those who are rich provide for the needs of those who are poor, so that the basic needs of all believers are met, and that is why it is written, “he who gathered much had no excess, and he who gathered little had no shortfall, for each one gathered as much as he needed to eat” and “and all who believed were together and had all things in common, and they were selling their properties and possessions and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need”. Learn to share what you have, because if you selfishly refuse to share it will all be taken from you, including your own soul.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which goes into greater detail regarding good works and why we must do good works.

Step 6. After you have done all of the steps above perfectly, do an absolute dry fast, with no food and no water. Nothing solid nor liquid can enter your mouth. An absolute dry fast is the true fast that the men of God did. You can do as little as one day, or at most 40 days. The greater the fast the more favor will be granted to you. I recommend 1 to 3 days. Abstain from sex during this time also, and anything that may be considered pleasurable. During this fast confess your sins to God in prayer, weep, and read the scriptures and the Torah, and also go out to do good works. And also ask God to anoint you during this fast.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which goes into greater detail about fasting and how to fast and why it is necessary for us to fast.

Step 7. Once you have done these steps, wait on God, and he will anoint you. He may anoint you at the end of your fast, or within a few days, or perhaps a little longer, but not too long. Simply wait and continue persisting in prayer and obedience until you receive the anointing. Once you receive the anointing, he will give you further instructions on what to do. There will also be a manifestation of power, such as speaking in a new language unknown to you, or prophesying. Rejoice once you receive the anointing, because you have now been sealed for deliverance. Also, if you haven’t been baptized with water by this step, then be baptized with water, in the name of Yeshua. And if you haven’t participated in the supper of Yeshua, by eating the bread that symbolizes his body and drinking the wine that symbolizes his blood, then also do so. These are required to be done under the new covenant of Yeshua.

Note: I also recommend reading this bible study, which explains the different manifestations of power that someone who receives the anointing will visibly display.

Practical Ways To Prepare For the Great Tribulation

Once you exit the financial system, you will not be able to work. It is nearly impossible to convince any employer to pay you in gold or silver or food, so you might as well accept the fact that you cannot work, but do not be anxious nor grieved by this. Do not let others judge you and make you think you are lazy because you are not working. You are not working because the paper money and fiat currency every employer in the world pays is evil, not because you do not want to work. And remember, when the sons of Israel left Egypt, they wandered the desert for 40 years. They did not work. That is where we are figuratively, in the desert, awaiting to enter the land of our inheritance. And God has deliberately appointed paper money and fiat currency to be the mark of the beast, so that now more than ever in our generation our attention may be completely devoted to serving God, without any distraction whatsoever in anything related to money. There are only a few years left until the second coming of Yeshua, so use this time wisely to seek the anointing of God, to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the word of God, to serve God by doing good works, to pray to God and fast, and to stock up on what you need for several years until the estimated second coming of Yeshua, so that you do not need to worry about finding what you need throughout this time. If you do all of these things, you will be at peace and without worry, as the world around you begins to deteriorate with drought, famine, wailing, plagues, and death. The four most basic things you need are food, water, housing. and clothing. So I will discuss these needs first, then I will discuss other secondary needs.


It is important that you purchase enough food to store up so that it will last you until September 20, 2026 AD, which is 10 Tishi 5787 AM, which is 10 Tishi 6000 YB. This is the date of the Day of Atonement in 6000 YB, which is the expected date the people of God will be gathered shortly after the second coming of Yeshua, so you need not store food beyond this date. Storing up food is important because there will be a drought when the two prophets of Revelation begin to prophesy. They will close up the heavens so that it doesn’t rain, which will then cause a shortage of food in the world. No rain affects everything, such as crops, springs of water, and even livestock. And since it is a global drought it will be unlike any drought humanity has ever seen before. The two prophets will begin to prophesy on April 6, 2023 AD, which is 15 Nisan 5783 AM, which is 15 Nisan 5996 YB. If you have food stored up then the famine will not affect you, just as it happened in Egypt when they stored up food in their 7 years of plenty in preparation for the 7 years of famine. The drought will last for around 3 and 1/2 years leading up to the second coming of Yeshua. Around 6 months prior to the second coming of Yeshua paper money and fiat currency will collapse globally, which will only make the famine worse, because now no one will be able to buy and sell. It will be similar to what has happened in Venezuela, but far worse, because it will be at a global scale and there will also be a global drought. Yet if you have food stored up, just as the drought will not affect you, neither will the financial collapse. You will ride the storm safely just like Noah, while everyone else outside suffers because they refused to believe and prepare. I recommend purchasing emergency food, which last several decades, so you won’t have to worry about this food spoiling. One company you can purchase from is Augason Farms. You can buy their 30 day food buckets. There are also other companies you can purchase from. You can make this type of food your “base” food, then purchase other foods so that you have variety. Focus on foods that have a longer shelf life. Make your bread rather than buy bread that is already made. So buy plenty of flour, salt, sugar, and olive oil. Perhaps have yeast also if like leavened bread. Buy peanut butter and jelly so you can make sandwiches with your bread. Buy green apples, which provide many of the vitamins your body needs. You can freeze these in the freezer so they last longer, although they can last several months in the refrigerator. You can also buy bananas and oranges, and also freeze them. You can make smoothies in the morning with these fruits and mix them with delicious peanut butter. Purchase chicken, and seal each piece airtight so that they last longer in the freezer. You can also buy fish and red meat and also seal them airtight and put them in the freezer. Buy plenty of rice, which lasts a long time. Buy also crackers. Buy condiments and spices and seasonings. Buy sauces like teriyaki. Buy powdered milk. Anything you can think of that you love to eat, buy. Also buy fishing rods, fish traps, fish nets, and bird traps. These will be useful in case you want to hunt or fish for food. Remember to store extra food so you have something to share with others. You will also need to store food for your pets. And if you plan on having livestock and farm animals during this time, you will also need to store food for those animals, because the drought will make everything dry, so they will have nothing to eat. And if your livestock and farm animals have nothing to eat, then do not let them suffer by starving to death, but slaughter them and store their meat for food.


Aside from storing food until the Day of Atonement in 2026 AD, you will also need to store water until then. I recommend storing around 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon a day per person. It is best to buy large water containers. Having your own water is important because a drought will cause water shortages in the world. If you have your own water then a water shortage will not affect you. If you are able to prepay for city water services, then do so, but as a secondary source of water. Have water stored in water containers as your primary source of water and do not depend on others to provide water for you. To avoid water contamination, make sure you keep your water containers shut at all times and do not drink directly from them. I would also advise you to purchase a good water filter to filter tap water so that you can drink from it. Boil the water also if you think it necessary. Do not drink tap water when the trumpet blasts after the second coming of Yeshua begin on September 11, 2026 AD, which is 1 Tishri 5787 AM, which is 1 Tishri 5999 YB, because at the 3rd trumpet blast the springs of water will become contaminated with wormwood, which will poison anyone who drinks that water. Drink only from your own water that you’ve stored up. And remember to store more water so that you can share with others who are thirsty. And if you have pets and livestock and farm animals, you will also need to consider storing water for them.


I recommend that you own the property where you intend to live for the next few years so that you do not need to worry about rent payments. It is very difficult to make rent payments while you are outside the financial system, so own the place where you live. Prepay your property taxes in advance in accordance to how many years are left until 2026 AD. And do not have a mortgage nor any liens against your home. Have your home paid for in full and own your home outright so that your home isn’t taken away from you when you can no longer pay once you exit the financial system. I am giving you very wise advise. Live in a cheaper home, not in an expensive home, so that you can sustain yourself easier outside of the financial system. A more expensive home means more property taxes. And having something less expensive frees up more money to then buy the things you will need to deplete your money to zero, and then you can share what you bought with others while also providing for your own needs. Remember, there are only a few years left until everything is destroyed at the second coming of Yeshua. So be practical. If possible, setup bunk beds in your additional rooms and buy sleeping bags to provide lodging to other believers that are also exiting the financial system. Any believer with a house is required to lodge and be hospitable to other believers. If they come live with you and are able to contribute to your household, then ask them to contribute. All believers are to share with each other and not hold back selfishly. Exiting the financial system is an opportunity for all believers to help and share with each other, not to cling to possessions and properties we’re all about to lose anyways. So share, and very soon you will receive more at the second coming of Yeshua as a reward for sharing. If are a believer that cannot afford to buy a place of your own or cannot find a fellow believer to live with in their house, then contact me through the Contact page, and I will try to help you find a place to live to ride out this storm. Or you can live in my home that I’ve setup to lodge other believers. You will need to live by the Torah and believe in Yeshua and also be outside of the financial system to live here.


Have an ample amount of clothes for yourself and to give if someone is shirtless or naked on the street. Also buy many cheap sandals for the homeless that are walking barefoot. There are many barefooted homeless people because thieves sometimes steal their shoes while they sleep. Have clothes and sandals for both genders, men and woman, so you can help either or.


Although you can live without electricity, it is indeed something important to have electricity. Electricity will not only give you the ability to store food in a refrigerator and freezer, but will also give you light, the ability to cook, and the ability to access information on the internet through your laptop. I recommend that you prepay for electricity services, as your primary source of electricity. And then purchase solar panels as your second source of electricity. Calculate the electricity usage of your home, and then purchase the appropriate solar panels to power everything you need on a daily basis, if you are able to. The Yeti solar panels with lithium batteries are excellent. If you are in Colombia you can also purchase solar panels from Ambiente Soluciones. If you like to shower with hot water, then I might recommend electrical water heaters that you can install into the shower head. Also have battery packs, to charge cell phones and laptops. And have rechargeable AAA and AA batteries. Have a backup battery for your laptop. Have backup chargers for your cell phone and laptop since these break easily.


I recommend having a laptop, not a stationary computer, to be able to access the internet. The internet is an essential tool to be able to communicate and also know what is going on in the world. Prepay for internet service several years in advance. I also recommend having a cell phone. Prepay for cellular service several years in advance.

Gold and Silver

I recommend having gold and silver, which can potentially be used to buy and sell with, especially during the financial collapse, because just as any other financial collapse that has ever happened, gold and silver always retains its value. Purchase from Apmex if you are in the United States or from Firenze if you are in Colombia. Buy only pure 24k gold and pure 99.9% silver. Buy only in 1 gram denominations of gold, because a large gold bar will be useless to buy something cheap with. Buy Valcambi gold combibars, which can be broken off into individual 1 gram gold bars. For silver, buy 1 troy ounce bars. Anything less than this will more than likely cost you alot more than what the silver is worth. Buy silver from Apmex made by the Australian Perth Mint, or German Geiger Edelmetalle. If you buy precious metals, then also buy a very heavy safe to store them. At least a half a ton, so that it is very difficult to steal. Make sure your safe is hidden from plain sight. And tell only people you trust about your safe. The less people that know the better. You can also keep your laptop and cell phone inside the safe so these essential communication tools are also kept safe.


I also recommend having tools to cut wood, like axes and electrical saws. Have oil for your electrical saws. Have a hand saw. Have a tool kit. Have a hammer. Have portable water filters. Have an ample quantity of cookware and dinnerware and silverware. Have long extension cords. Have long HDMI cables. Have a compass. Have a calculator. Have hand watches, that can be charged with movement or with the sun. Have garbage bags to last you for years. Have small and large ziplock bags to last you for years. Have food plastic wrap to last you for years. Have sewing machine and threads of varying types and colors. Have many replacement light bulbs. Have flash lights that can be charged with a crank. Have many candles. Have high strength glues. Have high strength adhesives. Have cleaning gloves and latex gloves. Have mirrors. Have bathroom plungers and a kitchen plunger. Have electrical stoves. Have radios that with that can charge with a crank or with a solar panel. Have fluid and electrical lighters. Have tape measures. Have an air fryer. Have a bread maker. Have a blender. Have a rice maker. Have tupperware of varying sizes. Have other varying containers. Have a first aid kit. Have antibiotics and antifungals and antibiotic cream. Have a fire extinguisher. Have retractable tables. Have stackable chairs. Have sleeping bags. Have an erasable board to hang on the wall and write on. Have a soccer ball and volleyball and basketball. Have table games like Parcheesi and Risk and Chess. Have bibles of different translations and an interlinear bible and a Strong’s Concordance. Have air pumps for your soccer balls. Have bicycles, perhaps an electric bicycle if possible. Have chains for your bicycles. Have bicycle baskets. Have air pumps for bicycles. Have spare tires for the bicycle. Have an electric vehicle, rather than a gasoline vehicle. Have spare tires for your vehicle. Have a laptop. Have a cell phone. Have a television or projector. Have many years worth of bars of soap. Have many years of soaps for washing clothes. Have hair cutting clippers. Have scissors. Have nail cutters. Have callus remover for feet. Have shampoos for many years. Have a waterpick for cleaning teeth. Have much dental floss. Have dental plaque remover tools. Have many years worth of listerine. Have many years worth of toothpaste. Have many years worth of toothbrushes. Have cleaning brushes. Have dishware soap. Have many years worth of sponges. Have many cleaning towels. Have also drying towels.

About the author

Christian Gaviria Alvarez

A teacher of righteousness based on the Torah of God, through belief in Yeshua HaMashiach. Raised as a Gentile through the dispersion of the twelve tribes of Israel among the nations, but a descendant of Abraham from Jewish Sephardic ancestors from the tribe of Judah. Born in Florida, United States of America. Currently living in Medellin, Colombia. By profession a software developer. Expecting the second coming of Yeshua in 2026 AD, which will be precisely the year 6,000 from creation and also precisely 2,000 years since the anointing of Yeshua in 26 AD. 2026 AD will be 6000 YB, and the 120th Yovel year. Establishing an assembly in Medellin in preparation for the second coming of Yeshua. Teaching obedience to the Torah of Moses and belief in Yeshua, bearing good fruit by giving to the poor and doing good works and sharing with fellow believers, demonstrating humility by absolute dry fasting and not pursuing wealth and being content with what you currently have, removing the mark of the beast of Revelation by getting rid of all paper money and fiat currency, and obtaining perfection by receiving the airflow of God through the new covenant of Yeshua.

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  • Suggest you look st my site:
    ***LINK REMOVED***

    Disagree with your number two there is no new covenant. Zechariah 11:10 is very clear. Secondly, Yeshua says he is sole teacher, which means we use his words, not your own. Scripture is our sword truth is love. Yeshua said follow him he stood up to religious groups and politicians..

    • The Torah remains binding. And the new covenant of Yeshuah has not been revoked, because he has not yet come his second time to gather all of those who belong to him by covenant, among the dead and the living.

  • In all humbleness, prayer and conviction, my fear for you is that you missed the entire message of the master – belief. Whether since Noah and Abraham of the Old Testament who believed and was accounted for righteous to the end where tribulation saints who call upon the master’s name at the very end their sins will be covered and forgiven. The basic belief in the master, is the only unforgivable sin for those that don’t belief, is the incredible truth that rich or pool, learned or unlearned, any and all have the capability to change, but is the most difficult thing in the world to change in humans is – belief.

    Our greatest commission is to witness, and not based upon our own self-righteous which we have all sinned and fall short either before or after rebirth, but to witness to others about our master and his righteousness to save us and nothing about us is where I hope you don’t fall short and bring incredible burden unnecessarily. Will you bring others under Torah where no one can be saved under the law as it was the same mistake of the Pharisees, Sadducees and the chosen nation of old.

    However, there is much truth of what you bring to light but unfortunately under the undue burden of Torah. The great witnessing and the great falling away will happen during the end times. Would you even be able to recognize it even if we were in the midst of it based upon your belief system? Whether one believes in the final 7 years of Daniels prophesy already fulfilled or not, it does hinge on one thing you do identify – the two witnesses. While I would not wish this on anyone, the witness of tribulation saints will be glorious yet many will also fall away in the great apostasy – you don’t leave enough time for this to happen except under the time period of the two witnesses. You seem to leave no room for the greatest witnessing of all time.

    Finally, I am but a simple and humble servant and far from understanding as you so no need to respond. However, your connection to Jewish feasts and also money and 666 is incredible and I thank you for that. Your insights can be invaluable if shared but you must be tested. My only suggestion is to visit ***LINK REMOVED***. In Jesus, Yeshuah or whatever name, I have faith in G_d he knows that I believe in what his son did for all of us. It is enough and nothing more. Shalom.

    • John, belief without obedience is useless. You might as well be an unbeliever. For if a man says, “I believe”, yet he still murders and commits adultery, his belief is dumb and useless. And if a man says, “I believe”, and ignores the cry of a man that is hungry and gives him no food, then again, his belief is dumb and useless. You deceive yourself by thinking you only need belief, and not obedience. Works are as necessary as belief. Both are required, not solely belief, and not solely works. And you have also been deceived into believing a lie that the Torah is still not binding. With time, you will see that everything I have written here is indeed the truth. My hope is that you realize it now in good terms, rather than later in bad terms. May God open your understanding in the name of Yeshuah.

  • Do not drink tap water when the trumpet blasts after the second coming of Yeshuah begin on September 11, 2026 AD, which is 1 Tishri 5787 AM, which is 1 Tishri 5999 YB, because at the 3rd trumpet blast the springs of water will become contaminated with wormwood, which will poison anyone who drinks that water.
    Concerning this statement above, I just want to ask, after Yeshuah comes then we won’t be here to have to drink the water or is that a mistake. As I thought all the trumpets are part of the tribulations and would all occur before he’s coming??

    Also how can money be the mark of the beast when money has been in existence since time and that is contrary to the Revelation, which says, that he would cause all to take the mark of the besat less they can not buy or sell, which means it has to be something else like the chip or vaccines or both??

    Also those who does not accept it would be killed, so that would mean that Kingdom children should really flee from their homes and go in hidding as the government would come looking to kill those who do not accept the mark. Wouldn’t it be advisable for the Kingdom children to go to where they can survive without all of these comforts as they probably would be hunted anyways for not accepting the mark. Therefore places like back to basics, the woods, forests etc.??
    The rest of everything you talked about I do agree, but these bits I am just not in alignment with.

    I myself have figured out that it would be around similar time period like 2027 that Jesus might return, which would be after the tribulations and the starting of the tribulations would last 3 and half years would start from 2023 and half, so the 2 witnesses would appear from any time from 2021/22/23.

    One should therefore be vacated from the system asap latest 2022 and half. But yes be storing up especially prior to 2023.

    Would the trumpets be a literal trumpet that all can hear?

    I have not finished all your teaching and would message you as I have more questions.

    Thank you for your teaching, i have really learned alot. I am blessed by it.
    God bless.

    • Hi Veronica. The people of God will be gathered 17 and 1/2 days after his descension on the earth. We will be gathered in Tishri 10, on the Day of Atonement. And his descension will be in Elul 22, which is 7 and 1/2 days prior to the 1st trumpet blast in Tishri 1. 7 trumpets will be blasted for 7 days beginning in Tishri 1. And in Tishri 3, the 3rd trumpet will be blasted, which will be a comet that will fall on the rivers of water. Which will poison the waters with wormwood. Which is poisonous and will kill anyone that drinks that water. By that time, I advise all believers to not drink tap water for the remaining 7 days until we are gathered in Tishri 10. I advise you to read my Bible study regarding the calendar of the Torah, to become acquainted with the Jewish calendar, to then understand the events of Revelation and when they will happen. https://www.wisdomofgod.us/2018/10/23/the-original-360-day-calendar-of-the-torah-new-moons-and-the-true-appointed-time-and-fulfillment-of-the-festivals-of-the-torah/

      Money itself is not the mark of the beast, paper money and fiat currency is. Which is a form of money used today that is evil. Which has become globally widespread around the last 100 years. For gold and silver was money for thousands of years before paper money and fiat currency came into usage globally. I explain all of this in great detail here, https://www.wisdomofgod.us/2018/12/07/the-identity-of-the-beast-of-revelation-the-antichrist-the-whore-of-babylon-the-mark-of-the-beast-and-the-meaning-of-666/ . I also explain the 42 month time of persecution in that Bible study.

      Also, the two witnesses will appear in the spring of 2023. So yes, everyone must have preparations in place by 2023, for there will be a global drought for 3 and 1/2 years, and then a global financial collapse 3 years after the two witnesses begin prophesying. Woe to those who refused to believe and didn’t prepare.

      And yes, the trumpet blasts will be literal trumpet blasts. For these are the great inauguration of the rulership of the Yeshuah on the earth, with great manifestations of power. One trumpet will be blasted per day. From Tishri 1 to Tishri 7.

  • My name is David. I’m 28 I believe in Yeshuah, and in learning to obey His Torah.

    My question:
    I’m on probation for a dwi I got 2 years ago. It requires me to pay cash for UA drugs tests. I have 6 months left of this probation. I just wanted to ask you for advice about how I should go about coming out of Babylon financial statement when there are legalities preventing me doing so

    • Hi David. You can just leave the USA to another country, like Colombia. It is all about to end in 6 years, for the year 6,000 from creation is upon us. There are greater things to worry about than your probation and legal issues.

  • How do you buy all these things to prepare if you can’t use money? I don’t know of any place where you can trade or use gold? I would love to hear how you pay bills and buy groceries without paper money or a checking account

    • Use the money you already have to buy what you need until you deplete yourself to zero. Stock up on food and water and necessities for the remaining years until the year 6,000, which is the autumn of 2026.

  • Hi Christian. You urge Christians to renounce praying God in the name of JESUS saying that the true name of the Son of God is YESHUA. Why then in Jesus’ name Pastors and prophetes of our generation worked wonders and miracles in sight of the people throughout the world ? And why in the name of YESHUA no wonders are till not being seen in our societies today? If Yeshua do not recognize Jesus as his name, who or which airflow performs such miracles ? What will be the fate of the Christians who continue to call upon JESUS instead of YESHUA? Are they going to be saved at the second coming of the Son of God ?

    You also said that in April, 6th 2023, the two(2) witnesses of Revelation will be revealed. What will be the special message they will share with the World and which name will they invoque the son of God ?

    • Merely taking the name of God in vain was punishable with death according to the Torah, so why would you not think that invoking his correct name would matter? You cannot call God whatever you want, there was a specific name that was given by an angel to name the Mashiach, which is Yeshua. It is a set-apart name. And that is the name we must use to worship and serve God. We shall soon see what the two witnesses will say, but it will be a similar message to what the prophets and apostles and the Mashiach have been saying for thousands of years.

  • Dear Christian, you said: The second coming of Yeshua will be at the end of the 6th seal of Revelation in the morning of Elul 22, in Jerusalem time and 7 and 1/2 days before angels begin to blast the 7 trumpets of the book of Revelation. So during this special period (7 and 1/2 days) where will be the Mashiah and his angels ? In the New temple build by the Jews on the mont Moriah or on the new created mount Zion around Hebron ? what will be the state of the people in Jerusalem in this time ? More explanation please. I ask this question because many Pastors of some churches today teach that Satan will impersonate Christ at the end time and he will mimic Yeshua according to these verses of Mashiah himself (Matthew 24:23; Mark 13:21; Luke 17:23). They said that Satan, this false Christ will utter smoothly words, bless and heal people as Yeshua did when He was on earth and he will deceive many, making himself worshiped in Jerusalem and in the world. This teaching of these Pastors confuses people because till today no one has managed to mimic Yeshua in worldly scale. In view of the nearness of the second coming of Mashiah in 2026 as you said, many people will be mislead if they are not well informed about the circumstances of Yeshua second coming.

    • After the descension of Yeshua, he and his angels will install themselves on Mount Zion, and will remain there for 7 and 1/2 days. And in that time will be fulfilled the words of Isaiah, for gifts will be brought to Yeshua from then nations.

      For thus the Master said to me: “I will quietly look from my dwelling like clear heat in sunshine, like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.” At that time gifts will be brought to the Master of armies from a people tall and smooth, from a people feared near and far, a nation mighty and conquering, whose land the rivers divide, to Mount Zion, the place of the name of the Master of armies.
      Isaiah 18:4-7

      And as far as the new temple goes, the third temple, it will be built on Mount Moriah. Whereas the temple of Ezekiel will be built 300 years after the second coming of Yeshua, on Mount Zion. This is why it is said Yeshua will rule in Jerusalem, and also on Mount Zion. These are two distinct places.

  • Dear Christian ! Yeshua said this prophecy in John 5:43 but till now it is still not fulfilled in Israel. So when this prophecy will be fulfilled as we are so near to his second coming ?

  • Hi Christian! You said: ” Do not drink tap water when the trumpet blasts after the second coming of Yeshua begin on September 11, 2026 AD, which is 1 Tishri 5787 AM, which is 1 Tishri 5999 YB, because at the 3rd trumpet blast the springs of water will become contaminated with wormwood, which will poison anyone who drinks that water.”

    My question is: What if I do my best making drilling ? Is the drilling water also going to become contaminated with wormwood at the 3rd trumpet blast ?

    Concerning food, the problem is the conservation and emergency food in Africa are so expensive. Africa will be the continent who will hardly suffer from this drough and famine because life is so precarious and most people live from day to day. Do you have some special advices for the people living in Africa ?

    • We do not know where the comet of the 3rd trumpet blast will hit. If it hits Asia, it will obviously affect the water supply in Asia. If it hits South America, it will affect the water supply in South America. We do not know how severely impacted communications will be at that time, to then know where the comet hit. So it is best that everyone avoid drinking tap water at that time. I recommend storing canned tuna, which is cheap and lasts a long time.

  • This prophecy of Yeshua in John 5:43 concrning the Jews people is still being fulfulled. Till now no saviour has come to the hebreux people as the Mshiah. When then this prophecy of Yeshua will be fulfilled as we are approching to the second coming of the Son of God ?

      • Yeshua said to the Jews. I have to my father’s name and you don’t receive me. if someone come in his name you will receive him( Jon5:43. Till now no one come to the Jews and proclaim being a messiah except Yeshua. To whom Yeshua talkked about who will come to the Jews as the messiah ?

        • It is not a prophecy. Yeshua was just speaking about false prophets that have come to the Jews in their own name, who the Jews received welcomely. But Yeshua came in the name of the Father, yet they rejected him.

  • You said this: “Do not drink tap water when the trumpet blasts after the second coming of Yeshua begin on September 11, 2026 AD, which is 1 Tishri 5787 AM, which is 1 Tishri 5999 YB, because at the 3rd trumpet blast the springs of water will become contaminated with wormwood, which will poison anyone who drinks that water. Drink only from your own water that you’ve stored up”. – If because of the poison one cannot drink water from any spring, is it possible to use this water to shower or to bath ?

    • Hi Joseph. I would not recommend it. Comets are highly toxic, and the affected waters will become toxic, perhaps even also to the skin.

  • You said that one must invoke Yeshua instead of Jesus and that those who continue praying in the name of Jesus, their prayers will be forgotten. Now, what will be the fate of those who have been baptised in the name of Jesus ? Must they be rebaptised in the name of Yeshua ?

      • In my country there is no church or no pastor who acknowledges and invoke Yeshua. All Christians invoque Jesus as the Lord. My family and me only change Jesus in Yeshua following your teachings. Who can rebaptised us ? In what old my children can be baptised ?

        • Worry first about receiving the anointing. Then the anointing will tell you who will baptize you with water.

          • Is it possible to receive anointing before the baptism in water ? It seems contrary to the scripture Actes 2:37-38

          • Yes of course. John the Baptist received the anointing even while he was still in the womb. The order does not matter.

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