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Cheshvan 2, 5996 YB / Cheshvan 2, 5783 AM / October 27, 2022 AD

My Messages to the World

The concept of “hell” does not exist. Many pastors teach that when evil people die they go to hell in the center of the earth to be tortured for all eternity. This is a false teaching taught by the Roman popes to the entire world. This is not what the scriptures teach. When people die, their souls sleep. Because it is the body that gives the soul the ability to speak through the mouth, see through the eyes, hear through the ears, and think through the brain. So obviously when the body dies, the soul no longer has a body to interact with creation, so it sleeps, almost as if it didn’t exist, but it does still exist. When we sleep, we experience what death is like, and just like we do not feel the passing of time from the moment of falling asleep to the moment of waking up, so in likewise manner the dead do not feel the passing of time from the moment of death to the moment of resurrection. It feels nearly instant, even if thousands of years have passed. The concept of “spirit” also does not exist. The Hebrew word “ruach” and the Greek word “pneuma” mean airflow. We are body, soul, and airflow. The airflow gives the body life, and the body allows the soul to interact with creation. But once the airflow departs, the body dies, and the soul sleeps. When Yeshua breathed his last, he gave up his breath, not his “spirit”. This is a mistranslation. The concept of “spirit” simply does not exist. Heaven is not a “spiritual” place. Heaven is a physical place, and angels are indeed also physical as well, like us. They eat and drink, like us. This is why in former times angels were able to have sex with women, because their bodies are physical, and they are also real men, with male reproductive parts, just like the men on this earth. We are very similar to them, although their bodies are immortal, so they never grow old and never die from natural causes. And they are able to transform from their physical bodies into “airflows”, to become invisible and also to be able to enter the bodies of humans. And today these are called “spirits”, but they are actually not “spirits”, but airflows. These are literal aeolian bodies. We cannot transform into airflows, but our bodies certainly constantly inhale and exhale air to live. The airflow enters the body through the nostrils, then into the lungs, then into the blood, then into every cell of the body. And in the blood is where the soul is also, which is why we are forbidden from eating blood. Animals indeed also have souls, and their souls are also in the blood. Yet when they die, their souls cease to exist, because they were not made in the image of God to be worthy to be resurrected like we will be. We were made in the image of God, which is why our souls are kept reserved after death, to be resurrected at a future time, for judgment. The souls of the dead are kept in the center of the earth, which the scriptures call “Sheol” in Hebrew or “Hades” in Greek. The center of the earth is a hidden ocean, a dark abyss, not magma as the scientists teach. Although magma certainly exists in the depths of the earth, but the center of the earth is primarily water. A lot of water. When the earth was created in day 1 of creation, it was first a sphere of water, before dry land was created on day 3 of creation. And in day 3 of creation the foundations of the world were laid, which are layers of rock that sustain the dry land above the surface of the ocean. And there in the center of the earth the souls of the dead await a future resurrection, kept reserved. The first resurrection happens at the return of Yeshua, which is a set-apart resurrection only for those that will inherit the kingdom of God and will rule this earth for 1,000 years. And the final resurrection happens 1,000 years later, for everyone else, from Adam until the last person that died under the 1,000 year rulership of Yeshua. Even unborn babies that died will be resurrected. They were deprived of life before they even had the chance to take their first breath. And each will be judged by their works, and whoever has their name written in the book of life will be permitted to enter the new heavens and new earth. The unborn that died will obviously enter the new heavens and new earth, because they committed no wrong. God will be just in his judgment. At the return of Yeshua, a mountain will also rise up to become the tallest mountain in the world, and will be called “Mount Zion”. It will form around the mountains of Hebron. Mount Zion will flow with lava to the north to Jerusalem, and will form into a lake of lava outside the southern gate of the old Jerusalem. As it is written, “whose fire is in Zion, whose furnace is in Jerusalem”. It will form in the Valley of Hinnom, which was also called “Gehenna”. And that place will become the “lake of fire” described in the book of Revelation. It will become “hell”. “Hell” is simply a lake of lava that will form under the 1,000 year rulership of Yeshua, where all who refused to believe in Yeshua and obey the commands of the Torah of Moses will be thrown, to be destroyed both body and soul. And they will cease to exist, in utter agony and terror. Their bodies will be left to rot on the surface of the lava, and their maggots will not die from the tremendous heat of the lava. As it is written, “they shall go out and look on the dead bodies of the men who have rebelled against me, for their worm shall not die, and their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all humanity”. The lava of lava will continually burn for 1,000 years, which is why it will be an unquenchable fire. An “aeonial fire”. Meaning a fire that burns for a long time, for an aeon, for 1,000 years. Not an “eternal” fire. The word “eternal” is also another mistranslation. At the return of Yeshua almost all humanity that are alive now will be thrown there, to be destroyed. But a small remnant among the nations will be granted mercy. And will live into the 1,000 year rulership of Yeshua, and will become a great multitude and mighty nations. And those that were resurrected in the first resurrection will rule over them. And under the 1,000 year rulership of Yeshua anyone that sins or even calls their neighbor “fool” will be thrown unto that same lake of lava, to be destroyed. This is why it is written, “he shall rule them with a rod of iron”. Because the rulership of Yeshua on this earth will be very strict, and there will be very little sin in the world in those times. Yet the judgment will take place outside the eastern gate of Jerusalem, in the Valley of Jehoshaphat. As it is written, “I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and I will enter into judgment with them there”. All humanity will be judged there first, then will be condemned to be thrown unto the lake of lava outside the southern gate of Jerusalem.

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Christian Gaviria Alvarez

A teacher of righteousness based on the Torah of God, through belief in Yeshua HaMashiach. Raised as a Gentile through the dispersion of the twelve tribes of Israel among the nations, but a descendant of Abraham from Jewish Sephardic ancestors from the tribe of Judah. Born in Florida, United States of America. Currently living in Medellin, Colombia. By profession a software developer. Expecting the second coming of Yeshua in 2026 AD, which will be precisely the year 6,000 from creation and also precisely 2,000 years since the anointing of Yeshua in 26 AD. 2026 AD will be 6000 YB, and the 120th Yovel year. Establishing an assembly in Medellin in preparation for the second coming of Yeshua. Teaching obedience to the Torah of Moses and belief in Yeshua, bearing good fruit by giving to the poor and doing good works and sharing with fellow believers, demonstrating humility by absolute dry fasting and not pursuing wealth and being content with what you currently have, removing the mark of the beast of Revelation by getting rid of all paper money and fiat currency, and obtaining perfection by receiving the airflow of God through the new covenant of Yeshua.

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