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Av 28, 5995 YB / Av 28, 5782 AM / August 25, 2022 AD

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The “Law of God” is the Torah of Moses, which is the first 5 books of the Bible. God verbally spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, and Moses wrote down what he heard in a book we now call “the Torah”. This is why the Torah of Moses is the Law of God, because this law literally came from God. The commands written therein were not just for the nation of Israel, but also for the entire world, for all nations. “You shall not murder” and “you shall not steal” was not just for Israel, but for the entire world also. Israel was merely chosen to serve as an example to all nations of a nation that obeyed the commands of God. But the nation of Israel did not obey, which is why the nation of Israel was destroyed and then expelled from the land of Canaan. God does not care about genealogies nor “race” nor “ethnicity”, he cares about obedience to his commands in the Torah, and also belief in Yeshua. An uncircumcised Gentile that obeys and believes is better than a circumcised Jew that disobeys and disbelieves. A black man that believes and obeys is better than a white man that believes, but disobeys. An ugly person that believes and obeys is better than a beautiful person that obeys, but disbelieves. A Jew that obeys but disbelieves is better than a Gentile that believes, but does not obey. Many Gentiles who do believe in Yeshua do not obey the Torah, because they erroneously think the Torah has been done away with. And many Jews do not believe in Yeshua, because although they have the Torah they do not believe Yeshua is the promised Mashiach. So we have two groups that are in serious error, although the error of the Gentiles believers in discarding the Torah with all the commands of God is more serious than the Jews who obey the Torah but disbelieve in Yeshua. The Gentiles are torahless, and the Jews are incredulous. Yeshua taught obedience to the Torah of Moses, in the context of the belief in him. Which is why he said, “I did not come to abolish the Torah”. And also why the apostle Paul said, “Do we then abolish the Torah by the belief? Absolutely no, but we uphold the Torah”. Any christian or catholic that does not uphold the Torah of Moses and obey it will not be saved. Which is why Yeshua said, “many will call me Master, Master, on that day, but I will say to them, depart from me, you workers of torahlessness”. Someone who is “torahless” is someone who discards the Torah of Moses, “lawlessness”. And any Jew that does not believe in Yeshua will also not be saved. In summary, believe in Yeshua and obey the Torah of Moses.

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Christian Gaviria Alvarez

A teacher of righteousness based on the Torah of God, through belief in Yeshua HaMashiach. Raised as a Gentile through the dispersion of the twelve tribes of Israel among the nations, but a descendant of Abraham from Jewish Sephardic ancestors from the tribe of Judah. Born in Florida, United States of America. Currently living in Medellin, Colombia. By profession a software developer. Expecting the second coming of Yeshua in 2026 AD, which will be precisely the year 6,000 from creation and also precisely 2,000 years since the anointing of Yeshua in 26 AD. 2026 AD will be 6000 YB, and the 120th Yovel year. Establishing an assembly in Medellin in preparation for the second coming of Yeshua. Teaching obedience to the Torah of Moses and belief in Yeshua, bearing good fruit by giving to the poor and doing good works and sharing with fellow believers, demonstrating humility by absolute dry fasting and not pursuing wealth and being content with what you currently have, removing the mark of the beast of Revelation by getting rid of all paper money and fiat currency, and obtaining perfection by receiving the airflow of God through the new covenant of Yeshua.

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Wisdom of God Equipping the people of God with understanding


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