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The Acts of the End Time Believers, Acts II


Medellin, Colombia / October 7, 2019 AD 6:41 AM / Tishri 8, 5992 YB / Tishri 8, 5780 AM

After being in prayer and destroying whatever remnant of paper money and fiat currency I had left, I woke up early in the morning to clean up the ashes from the floor, and prepare sandwiches to give to the poor in the neighborhood. I put the sandwiches in my backpack, along with a jug of water, and sandals to give to anyone that was barefoot. I walked along several streets and said to one homeless man I came across on the street, “good morning, are you hungry?” And he replied, “yes”, so I have him a sandwich. Then as I walked some more I came across a church, and they were singing praises to God. I stood at a distance and one man came by to welcome me into their church. I told him I simply wanted to see, then I walked away. Then I came across another church, with two men standing dressed in suits, who also welcomed me to their church. This time I asked, “do you teach the Torah?” But they said, “sometimes we do”. Then I said, “well, the Torah is the foundation of what the Messiah taught, it is the knowledge of good and evil, the knowledge of sin”, and as I was speaking, one of the men walked away not wanting to listen to what I was saying, then I said, “you aren’t listening to me”, then I walked away sad at how in ignorance and deception believers in the Messiah reject the Law of God by refusing to listen to it, to their own condemnation. Then I came across another man and sat next to him, and asked him, “do you want a sandwich?” And he said “no”. But then we talked some more and I said to him, “the Torah is the knowledge of good and evil, the knowledge of sin, it is the truth, it has commands related to giving to the poor and not stealing nor committing murder, it is how a society should function in harmony”. Then he said, “I will actually take a sandwich from you”, so I gave him one, and he said, “this is the most gringo I’ve ever eaten”, on account that peanut butter jelly sandwiches are very American. Then he also said, “I really enjoyed our conversation, let us talk more”, so we exchanged phone numbers, and then I left. Then I came across a group of homeless men, and asked them if they were hungry and gave them sandwiches. I then starting telling them, “the Torah is the Law of God, it is the knowledge of good and evil, and through the appointed times of the Torah we also have knowledge of the events related to the Messiah, who fulfilled the spring appointed times of the Torah in his first coming, such as the Passover with his death, the offering of first fruits of barley with his resurrection, and the Pentecost by sending his anointing, and when he comes again, he comes to fulfill the autumn appointed times of the Torah, such as the appointed time to blast the trumpets, which is why his second coming is associated with the blast of trumpets. And God also chose to create in six days and rest on the seventh day as a Shabbath to foreshadow the time he appointed for the existence of this earth, 7,000 total years with the last 1,000 years appointed for the millennial Shabbath, which corresponds to the 1,000 year rulership of the Messiah mentioned in the book of Revelation. We are in the year 5992, entering into the year 5993, with around 7 years left until the second coming of the Messiah. It is time to prepare.” Then, the group became divided, with one homeless man arguing contrary to what I was saying and not letting me speak, and saying other nonsense, “Jesus committed a sin when he doubted and said, ‘Father, why have you forsaken me?'”, and another homeless man said, “that is not true, he never sinned”, and another homeless man said, “let him speak, for who are you to speak against someone who clearly knows, will you teach him?” Then I left, and came across a woman and a child, and she asked me “can you please give me some money so that I can give the girl some soup?” I told her, “money I do not have, but I do have sandwiches”, and she gladly took the sandwiches, and said, “this is delicious”.

Medellin, Colombia / October 6, 2019 AD 6:12 AM / Tishri 7, 5992 YB / Tishri 7, 5780 AM

I, Christian Gaviria Alvarez, have taken it upon myself to record my acts and current events around the world leading up to the second coming of the Messiah in a few years from now, for the benefit of believers now before the second coming of the Messiah, to be warned and prepare for what is soon to take place, and for the benefit of future generations after the second coming of the Messiah during his 1,000 year rulership on this earth, to remember what happened to this last generation of this aeon and so walk in the fear of God always. I have published these writings on the internet, in English and in Spanish, and have also hand written these writings in booklets, in English and in Spanish, that God willing these writings may survive the destruction of the second coming of the Messiah, for the final earthquake in the seventh plague may indeed leave the world without electricity and internet at the collapse of every city in the world. Blessed be the name of Yeshuah, and may he rule with glory and honor and power to the aeons of the aeons. After making preparations in the new house I rented in the city of Medellin in the nation of Colombia, which I have paid for a one year term, last night I began destroying every last remnant of things I have used for sin. I destroyed a laptop, an iPhone, and hard drives, which I previous used to view and store pornography, cut up credit and debit cards, burned bank checks and paper money. I put on sackcloth and sat on the ashes of everything I burned, and began to pray, asking God for his mercy and forgiveness for the sins I have committed.

Wisdom of God Equipping the people of God with understanding


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