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Tammuz 24, 5995 YB / Tammuz 24, 5782 AM / July 23, 2022 AD

My Messages to the World

4 years are left until the return of Yeshua. All humanity will be captured by his armies of angels, and will be restrained with chains of iron, and all will be taken to the east side of Jerusalem, in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, to be judged. All humanity will indeed end up in Israel, eventually, according to what the prophets have declared will happen. Even the dead will be resurrected 1,000 years later after the return of Yeshua, to be judged in that same place east of Jerusalem. All will be put to shame by stripping them naked, and all will stand judgment, and all will be accused according to everything wrong they have done. Those that were chosen to be saved will sit in thrones and will help judge all humanity, in which case the judgment of all humanity will take up to 5 months after the return of Yeshua. The angels of God will preside in the judgment of each person, and whoever dares to utter even one irreverent word will have their teeth shattered. And all will be forced to bend the knee to worship Yeshua and his chosen people. All who refused to believe in Yeshua and refused to obey the commands of God in the Torah of Moses will be condemned to be thrown over a lake of lava that will form on the south side of Jerusalem, in the Valley of Hinnom. They will be thrown like garbage unto the surface of the lava, in which case the drier lava will cut like glass and the hotter lava will bake the flesh like a hot oven, until death. They will be destroyed body and soul, and their bodies will be left to decay in the Valley of Hinnom, whose maggots will not die from the extreme heat. Those that walk out of the southern gate of Jerusalem, which is called the Dung Gate, will see all this, and will be horrified. Know and understand what God commands in the Torah of Moses. We must all obey, including myself, for we have all broken the commands of God, including myself. God wants us to first acknowledge that what we have done is a sin. If for example you have committed abortion, then you must first confess it is wrong, and then never do it again. If you have lied, then stop lying. If you have murdered, then stop murdering. If you have stolen, then stop stealing. If you have committed adultery, then stop committing adultery. If you were formerly married, and remarried and your former spouse is still alive, then leave your new spouse, and either remain single or be reconciled with your original spouse, because remarriage is now forbidden under the new covenant of Yeshua. If you are a man and tried becoming a transgender woman, then change back to your original gender. If you are a drag queen, then stop this practice, for transvestism is forbidden in the Torah. If you engage in homosexual sex, then stop having homosexual sex. If you have sex with animals or with family members or are involved in threesomes and orgies, then stop, for these practices are forbidden. If you watch pornography, then stop. If you masturbate, then stop. If you have sex outside of marriage, then stop. If you put on a tattoo, then confess it is wrong, and do not add any more tattoos. If you use contraceptives, then stop. If you covet anything that belongs to someone else, then stop. If you gossip, then stop gossiping. If you slander, then stop slandering. Stop complaining, and be content with what you have. Forgive, so you can be forgiven. Forgive the debts of those who owe you, and share freely. Give food to the hungry. Stop dishonoring your parents, but always respect them, and speak softly to them even when they are wrong. Stop dishonoring the elderly, but always respect them, and stand up to honor the gray headed. If you find a lost wallet, then take it and try to find it’s owner and return it to him. If you are a man and shave your face, then stop, and grow your beard. If you are married and have sex with your wife while she is menstruating, then stop, and wait for the 7 days of purification. If you eat meat with its blood, then stop, and always drain the blood from the meat and never eat blood. Stop seeking mediums and spiritists, for these practices are forbidden. Stop doing magic, and stop reading the tarot cards. Stop reading the astrology, for this is also forbidden. Burn all books regarding witchcraft and astrology. Stop predicting, for you do not know the future, only God does. Only base your knowledge regarding the future on the scriptures and the appointed times of the Torah. Stop celebrating christmas and halloween and other festivals established by the Gentile nations, which are contrary to the appointed times of God established in the Torah of Moses. Stop getting drunk. Stop selling and consuming drugs. Stop smoking marijuana. Stop praying to the “virgin Mary” and to the “saints”, which is a form of idolatry. Prayer belongs only to God and Yeshua, who is our only mediador between us and God. Put a hammer to any statute of Buddha or Mary or the saints, which are offensive to God, and also burn any of their photos and rosary beeds and crosses. Stop listening to music that promotes evil, but rather listen to instrumental music, like jazz or classical or even house music, which have no lyrics that would otherwise corrupt the song and make it unclean. Do not listen to mainstream “christian” music, they all promote false teachings in subtle ways which makes those songs unclean. Stop watching movies, for they all promote evil in different ways. If you have money, then burn it or exchange it for what you need, because all paper money and fiat currency are false weights and are therefore a forbidden form of money. Gold and silver is the true money of God, whose value is based on weight. Stop tithing, for tithes belong only to the priests of the temple of God in Jerusalem. Stop going to churches. The true church of Yeshua are assemblies in houses. Assemble with your brothers and sisters in Yeshua in your own houses, and eat the supper of Yeshua with wine and bread in your own houses. If the assembly in your house becomes too big, then divide into a second assembly in a second house and appoint new leaders for it. Appoint knowledgeable elders as leaders, not young men with no knowledge. Test everyone to see if they know the scriptures and the truth, don’t just assume they do. Ask them questions to test them. Also observe their actions. A tree is known by its fruit. Be perfect in everything that you do. Be blameless. You must stop sinning once and for all and remove anything that is sin from your household. If you do these things you will do well and will not be destroyed by Yeshua at his coming, but will live onwards into his 1,000 year rulership on this earth. But if you refuse to do these things, then surely you will be destroyed.

About the author

Christian Gaviria Alvarez

A teacher of righteousness based on the Torah of God, through belief in Yeshua HaMashiach. Raised as a Gentile through the dispersion of the twelve tribes of Israel among the nations, but a descendant of Abraham from Jewish Sephardic ancestors from the tribe of Judah. Born in Florida, United States of America. Currently living in Medellin, Colombia. By profession a software developer. Expecting the second coming of Yeshua in 2026 AD, which will be precisely the year 6,000 from creation and also precisely 2,000 years since the anointing of Yeshua in 26 AD. 2026 AD will be 6000 YB, and the 120th Yovel year. Establishing an assembly in Medellin in preparation for the second coming of Yeshua. Teaching obedience to the Torah of Moses and belief in Yeshua, bearing good fruit by giving to the poor and doing good works and sharing with fellow believers, demonstrating humility by absolute dry fasting and not pursuing wealth and being content with what you currently have, removing the mark of the beast of Revelation by getting rid of all paper money and fiat currency, and obtaining perfection by receiving the airflow of God through the new covenant of Yeshua.

8 questions

  • You said this “Those that walk out of the southern gate of Jerusalem, which is called the Dung Gate, will see all this, and will be horrified”. Who will be these persons who walk out of the southern gate of Jérusalem as at that time all the saved will being sitting on the thrones judging the unsaved people of all nations ?

    • It will be the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be inhabited during the 1,000 year rulership of Yeshua. Whereas those who will be given authority to rule will live on Mount Zion.

      • So if any person even a gentil goes to live and stay in Jérusalem just before september 20, 2026 he will escape the destruction in the lac of lava ?

        • The inhabitants of Jerusalem will indeed be spared. A Gentile, however, may not be, if he does not walk in obedience to the Torah.

  • The overwhelming majority of the Jews today do not believe in Yeshua but some of them follow the Torah of God. Are they aware of the appearance of the two(2) witnesses and the upcoming of drought and famine which will end with the second coming of Yeshua ?

    • Indeed the majority of the Jews do not believe in Yeshua, which is why the land of Israel will be trampled entirely, except Jerusalem. The scriptures indicate that Jerusalem will be spared and that the two witnesses, who will prophesy in the name of Yeshua, will help rebuild the temple, in Jerusalem. So yes, the inhabitants of Jerusalem will indeed come to the belief of Yeshua, because of the combination of these factors. It will become increasingly obvious that Yeshua is the true Mashiach.

    • I ask this question because till now the Jewish prists still expecting and awaiting the arrival of their Mashiah promised in the Torah of Mosis.

Wisdom of God Equipping the people of God with understanding


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